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As part of the initiative to encourage members volunteering to support the events we put on it was agreed at the AGM that standard membership rate would go up to £25pa, but that members could earn a credit of £5/event volunteering activity they undertook.

We are now half way through the year, 3 events done (Hilly TT, HONC, Summer CX), so here is a list of who has earned what so far:

4 credits (£20): Doug Gale, Don Muir, Martin McGreary, Steve Smith.

3 credits (£15): Dave Tucker, Gordon Smillie, Graham Haller, Harry Walton, Scott Mcardle.

2 credits (£10): June Bartlett, Jane Charlton, Laura Finucane, Louise Bish, Clive Lewis, Chris Veevers, David Brown, Ed Wilkins Gary Potts, Jeff Kapp, Jeff Manners, Jo Hole,  John Hawes, Keith Hayhurst, Mike Saunders, Neil Lockwood, Pat Alexander, Rich Preston, Rob Haynes, Roger Smith, Steve Williams, Tim Poole.

1 credit (£5):  Alan Williams, Alex Mackman, Amy Hume, Danny Morgs, Dave Koryczan, Dave Shepherd, Ed Wilkins, Emma Trueman, Gary Rickards, Graham Wilson, Jayne Cheslin, John Butler,  Lesley Jeans, Malcolm Tye, Mike Anderson, Neil Reynolds, Nick Smale, Paul Oz, Peter Haken.

Additionally the £20 LL ride leader awards have been won by the following people, who have led club rides (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday):

Jan - Steve Smith, Feb – Martin McGreary, March – Jo Hole , April – Robin Mainwaring, May – Kevin Brown.

If you want to learn more about leading rides or helping at events then contact myself or other committee members.

Martin McGreary (Treasurer)

I attended the summit last Friday with local MP Alex Chalk. Whilst this didn’t achieve anything positive I did at least gain some useful contacts and snippets of information. To report a pothole go to http:www.gloucesterhire.gov.uk/reportit or phone Amey highways 0800 514514. According to the council only 10% of repairs are due to user contacts, so perhaps we all need to get on to them more. Cheltenham council claim to have 33 road crews with an annual budget of £14M for repairs/ maintenance, which represents about 8% of the County budget. They are supposed to fix a non urgent hole (marked with white paint) within 28 days. They only inspect 10% of service repairs (gas/water/electric/cables), but can recall them within 2 years to fix faults.
Martin McG

Correction. Tim Sluman was ahead of me and had already set up a league for the club, use code 25124452 at Velogames http://www.velogames.com/ its called CC-CC tdf 2015 entry code 26145208. Once you’ve set up your team you can then join the league when you visit your team.
For those unfamiliar with this: its a free to enter league where you pick a team of 9 riders (2 overall riders, 2 climbers, a sprinter, 3 general riders and 1 wildcard) all riders carry a tariff and the max for a team is 100. Points are scored for placings on the day and overall standing.
This years TDF has 1 TT stage (opening prologue) and 1 TTT stage both fairly short.
7 Flat stages, 3 Hilly stages, 7 Mountain stages (incl 5 altitude finishes). Looks like being a very open race with several contenders in all categories.

Have a go, you have nothing to loose other than the esteem of your peers ;-)

Martin McGreary

Hello, Dean here.  Does anyone from the club fancy joining a cycle touring trip to see the Tour de France in Brittany?
The plan is as follows:
Friday 10 July:  Congregate at Poole ferry terminal at 8:30am and take 9:30am ferry across to St Malo (stopping at Guernsey for lunch).  Arrive in France and cycle to nearest campsite.
Saturday 11 July:  Ride west and see the TdF at the Mur de Bretagne.  Ride south to another campsite.
Sunday 12 July:  Watch the team time trial somewhere between Vannes and Plumelec.  Ride north east after it finishes to another campsite.
Monday 13 July:  Ride to St Malo for 11am to get midday ferry.  Stop in Guernsey for lunch.  Arrive back in Poole in early evening.
Condor Ferries are currently offering a return trip with bike for £65.  Campsites, if memory serves, are another £10 or so per night.  Your car would need to be left somewhere in Poole.  We will just be taking the bikes on the ferry.  Various cheap lightweight tents and sleeping bags are available at outdoor stores.  I have carried all this on a standard road bike before (using P clips) to mount a rack.
If you’re interested, book yourself onto the ferry and let me know (dsrobson@gmail.com).  This should be a good laugh :)


Following recent events the committee want to emphasise the importance of keeping to the guidance for club road rides to ensure that, as well as being safe, we are seen to be safe by all other road users. The opening line of our Ride Etiquette reads:

Club rides are either social or training rides, not races! Group size should ideally be up to 12 with a absolute maximum of 16. 

Please ensure that this guidance is followed on all club road rides. To allow for others joining a group during a ride don’t leave the Pump Rooms with more than 12 in a group.

For those who haven’t read the Ride Etiquette here is the rest of it:

All club riding is about working together as a group, aiming to keep an even pace or effort and, where the group has a leader, allowing them to control the group.

  • Hold the wheel in front, aiming to keep a gap of 15-30cms.
  • Usually, when traffic conditions allow, we will ride in TWO LINES in PAIRS.
  • You should never ride more than two abreast and try to stay in your pair! That means parallel to each other – not in front, not behind, but side by side. Wheel to wheel. Stay close but not too close
  • When at the front of the group, allow the rider on the left to set the pace. Stay alongside them, don’t race them (“Half wheeling”).
  • You should ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends (“Single out”)
  • Avoid sudden movements, particularly braking or swerving always check if there’s room and signal to move out.
  • After slowing or stopping e.g. at junctions, be aware of your position in the group and try to maintain it. At the front pick up speed steadily. When the group is back together the rear-most rider shouts ALL UP! Pass this up the line.

Signalling and road hazards.

Always make the group aware of changes in speed/direction, traffic or road hazards such as potholes and debris when necessary. Call out clearly and, in larger groups, relay the instruction forward or back so all riders know what is happening.

  • From the front of the group- ‘Easy’, ‘Going Left’, ‘Going Right’, ‘Car Down’ (approaching from in front), ‘Underneath’ are common warnings,
  • From the back of the group ‘Single Out’, ‘Car Up’ (approaching from behind), “Easy up” if the group is splitting, “Puncture” etc. for mechanicals

If you’re not sure of the signalling conventions or have any questions about group riding, please ask the ride leaders before the ride departs.

Bike maintenance and safety.

Helmet use is strongly advisable when riding in groups.

We recommend, in the Autumn/Winter time, fitting mudguards and lights.

Ensure your bike is well maintained and clean; check brake pads and tyres for signs of wear. If unsure about the safety of your bicycle, arrange to have it serviced by a qualified mechanic at your local bike shop.

Bring essentials such as inner tubes, basic tools, mobile, food, drink and money as the ride is unsupported.

To reinforce the good practice we already follow on a regular basis we will now be adding the British Horse Society code to our etiquette.

We are grateful for your co-operation in this but you should be aware that, if members are seen to regularly disregard the club etiquette, sanctions will be introduced.

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