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Reflector Issue 1 front cover

A mere 79 years after it was first published in print, we bring you an electronic edition of Issue 1 of the Reflector.

The Reflector is the original club magazine. Launched in November 1936 with Wally Tilling as the Editor, new issues were released for several decades, though in recent times it has fallen by the way-side.

This first edition is one of the club’s most treasured possessions. There is a short history of the club, reports on clubs life, poems, drawings and even a vision of club life in 2040 (Steven Spielberg will be surely resurrecting Marty McFly for the film adaptation).

A notable snippet is that the club was founded in 1921 under the initiative of a Mr. Charles Brown. Now, some of you will know that Charlie Brown is one of the many pseudonyms of current Club Secretary Douglas Gale. We knew he had been around a while, but…..

We plan to digitise all of the issues of The Reflector, as well as the rest of the club’s substantial archives including handbooks, race programmes, mileage charts and so on. This is, of course, full of gold. It should be fun.

A link to download Issue 1 of the Reflector is below (price reduced from 3d to free).


Reflector Issue 1 – Full Edition  (This link might not open if you are using the twitter app, come back via your internet browser and it should work)




We plan to order new Cheltenham and County skinsuits for time trialling, circuit racing or cyclocross racing.

These will be made by Nopinz, who make some of the best skinsuits around at the moment.  They include a clear plastic wallet for putting your race number in (no pins), which is more aero, more convenient and stops your kit from getting ruined by safety-pins. They are also made from a far better cloth than our current ones.

  • Here is what we plan to order: http://www.nopinz.com/product/nopinz-supersuit/  
  • They will be printed in club colours – here is the design (Thanks Joseph Hole!) https://goo.gl/7v9JUy   
  • The cost to members is £100 per suit, which is a a huge discount on the normal price.
  • We’ll order by the end of July for delivery in September. Yes, it’s the end of the season but we’ll have them for 2016!
  • Payment on collection.

If you want one, drop Harry an email (h_walton@outlook.com) telling him your size by 30th July. (there is a size chart in page linked above).

If you aren’t sure if it’s worth it, check out this article based on Simon Smart’s work at the Drag2Zero wind tunnel. It shows that a good skinsuit is by far and away the best value thing you can do to improve your aerodynamics, saving almost as much time as a TT bike but for less than 10% of the price.



Jeff Manners came off on last Saturdays ride (return), due to getting a speed wobble on the B4068 descent down to Eyford Park. Dan Penney also got knocked off by Jeffs Bike coming back into the road.

Dan ended up with some nasty cuts and grazes, but Jeff’s injuries required an Ambulance. We were fortunate that we had a Doctor, Charlotte, on the ride who kept Jeff calm. The rest of the group got on with managing the traffic, contacting people and securing the damaged bikes. Charlotte, and her son Henry, and I came back later to collect the bikes.

I’ve heard from Jeff, via his wife Luan:

“He has broken a few bones in his back which should heal naturally and he has broken a bone in his neck so will be in a neck brace for about six weeks, lots of cuts and bruises. Thank you to everybody for their help and kind wishes today. No doubt he will be back on the bike before too long!
Jeff has asked me to send you an update (Tuesday). He is still in hospital and now has his right hand in a cast due to broken bones. They are struggling to control his pain at present, but once this is sorted he should be home.
Once again he sends his thanks to everyone for their help and concern.”

Dan has sent me a text picture showing Jeffs broken helmet; which certainly saved him from further injuries.

Martin McGreary

As part of the initiative to encourage members volunteering to support the events we put on it was agreed at the AGM that standard membership rate would go up to £25pa, but that members could earn a credit of £5/event volunteering activity they undertook.

We are now half way through the year, 3 events done (Hilly TT, HONC, Summer CX), so here is a list of who has earned what so far:

4 credits (£20): Doug Gale, Don Muir, Martin McGreary, Steve Smith.

3 credits (£15): Dave Tucker, Gordon Smillie, Graham Haller, Harry Walton, Scott Mcardle.

2 credits (£10): June Bartlett, Jane Charlton, Laura Finucane, Louise Bish, Clive Lewis, Chris Veevers, David Brown, Ed Wilkins Gary Potts, Jeff Kapp, Jeff Manners, Jo Hole,  John Hawes, Keith Hayhurst, Mike Saunders, Neil Lockwood, Pat Alexander, Rich Preston, Rob Haynes, Roger Smith, Steve Williams, Tim Poole.

1 credit (£5):  Alan Williams, Alex Mackman, Amy Hume, Danny Morgs, Dave Koryczan, Dave Shepherd, Ed Wilkins, Emma Trueman, Gary Rickards, Graham Wilson, Jayne Cheslin, John Butler,  Lesley Jeans, Malcolm Tye, Mike Anderson, Neil Reynolds, Nick Smale, Paul Oz, Peter Haken.

Additionally the £20 LL ride leader awards have been won by the following people, who have led club rides (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday):

Jan - Steve Smith, Feb – Martin McGreary, March – Jo Hole , April – Robin Mainwaring, May – Kevin Brown.

If you want to learn more about leading rides or helping at events then contact myself or other committee members.

Martin McGreary (Treasurer)

I attended the summit last Friday with local MP Alex Chalk. Whilst this didn’t achieve anything positive I did at least gain some useful contacts and snippets of information. To report a pothole go to http://www.gloucesterhire.gov.uk/reportit or phone Amey highways 0800 514514. According to the council only 10% of repairs are due to user contacts, so perhaps we all need to get on to them more. Cheltenham council claim to have 33 road crews with an annual budget of £14M for repairs/ maintenance, which represents about 8% of the County budget. They are supposed to fix a non urgent hole (marked with white paint) within 28 days. They only inspect 10% of service repairs (gas/water/electric/cables), but can recall them within 2 years to fix faults.
Martin McG

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